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Reginald Blisterkunst, Ph.D.
Among the Remembered Saints: My Life and Subsequent Death
Pluto Wars

Greg Chandler
"Bee's Tree"
"Local Folk"
"Roland's Feast"
"Pond Story "

Doug Childers
"The Baptism"

Gene Cox
The Sunset Lounge

Clarke Crutchfield
"The Break-In"
"The Canceled Party"
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Jason DeBoer
"The Execution of the Sun"

Deanna Francis Mason
"The Daguerreian Marvel"

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Charlie Onion
"Love Among the Jellyfish"
Pluto Wars
"Feast of the Manfestation"

Chris Orlet
"Romantic Comedy"

Daniel Rosenblum
"A Full Donkey"

Deanna Frances Mason
"The Daguerreian Marvel"

Andrew L. Wilson
"Fat Cake and Double Talk"


Depth of Field
Jackson Davis

In the last photograph taken

of my father, his mouth was

open to speak, and his eyes,

like glass to me, are weak

and without focus. Or else

the grainy film, malignant cells working,

hid him behind a gray gauze screen.


It is fall, and the sun, lowered

on a string, is small and halting

past the walnut. The tomato stakes

are idle. I see the scraps

of slipcover my mother

tore apart to tie the plants;

above the brown and tannic oak leaves

they are the only green

in this picture I'm holding.


In my household's parable,

a man got up on a death-

gray mule, and kicked it on

through the twists of road, and

came to a dark hammered edge of woods;

too little land behind him to

prepare him for this. But three years he'd

waited to lean over and whisper,

to salute his mule and ride on.


Now his image is frozen

in a picture I keep, his face

his body's only outcry

above the green cotton rags; my father

looking perfectly forward.



About the Author

Born then, not dead yet.
Fairly well-read; on occasion somewhat agreeable to talk with.
Thinks good country folk are, in fact, God's Chosen People, and thanks his God for Jane.
"No other marks or brands recollected," as Lincoln repeated.


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